DBA (Dried Blood Testing) – 99.00

group of dry blood

In order to serve you better and assist you in your good health voyage, we are now offering blood analysis testing as a diagnostic tool to improve health. This screening tool will help assess nutritional needs. The patterns of blood will also determine the characteristics of dysfunction. The clotting factors of the blood are sensitive to tissue damage and will reflect any oxidation to the body tissue and also gives an indication to the organs being affected. Now we will be able to devise a plan to correct nutritional deficiencies, enhance assimilation, boost your immune system improve pH and hormones!

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Ionic Detoxing Foot Soak – 29.99

In addition, to accelerate this process of good health we will now be offering Ionic detoxing soaks! See why this is a necessity and must for all!!

We are exposed to environmental toxins such as heavy metals chemicals and pollution on a daily basis these toxins get trapped in cells and remain in one system causing a plethora of serious health issues for example high stress levels or a high protein or sugar diet can a cause serious pH imbalance (metabolic acidosis) once the body is in this state it’s much more susceptible to disease and illness. Our feet naturally dispose of toxins when they perspire, their multitude of pores and meridian points can be used to achieve maximum detoxification potential for the whole body. The detoxifying ionic footbath facilitates this process

How does it work

By pulsing low-voltage positive and negative charges into the water the footbath produces electrostimulation, this helps the cells to purge toxins and acids at a much greater rate then they normally would. it also enhances the bio energetic or electro magnetic force (what Chinese medicine refers to as chi). This unique patented system creates an identical energy pattern to that of the human body, facilitating quicker and superior results.

Health benefits

  • Restoration of the bodies proper energy balance
  • Balance of the body’s pH level neutralizing toxic metabolic acids
  • Increase of the bodies detoxification process
  • Reduction of pain and inflammation ( i.e.fibromyalgia headaches arthritis muscle injury etc)
  • Acceleration of healing
  • Decrease of fluid retention
  • Increase of vitality energy stamina and mental clarity
  • Improvement of circulation
  • Reduction of yeast and candida
  • Immune system strengthening
  • Reduction of scent sensitivity
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