COMING SOON!!! Ok we will will spill the beans and let you know we are adding a Restorative Himalayan Salt Stone Massage AND adding Salt therapy to our New Sauna Room!!

 Why Use Himalayan Salt Therapy, you might ask?

The natural environment – such as nature’s magnificent forests, beaches, and waterfalls – creates abundant negative ions, but in today’s uber-connected world, computers, smartphones, microwaves and other electronics constantly emit positive ions — also known as “electric smog” — that can leave us feeling drained and down. Excessive positive ions can also come from bacteria, mold and allergens.

To counteract those excessive positive ions, Himalayan salt – rich in negative ions and essential nutrients and minerals – offer numerous health benefits for our bodies, such as stress reduction, energy increases, and mood boosts at a biochemical level. #Uwwww #Ahhhhh #Halotherapy#WellBellaTakeMeAway


AKA “The Class Reunion Facial” 

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The NEEDLELESS Filler Facial is fast becoming one of the most coveted facial treatments in the U.S. Up until recently this red carpet treatment was only offered in LA and New York. You can now get this celebrity treatment in Fort Wayne starting next month!!! This treatment provides a needle free “instant facelift” 🙌 

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Single Eyelash Extensions



Advanced Dermaplaning  – Esthetician Favorite Pick! – 80 (See facial page for more info)